Comprehensive Energy Management

Control your building from anywhere

Green in more ways than one

EnergyMesh is the next frontier in energy management. By combining technical innovations with existing building infrastructure, we create the ability to manage your buildings with an intuitive, seamless, cross-platform system. Produce incredible energy savings. Maximize occupant comfort. Take your building management to the next level.


Building Automation

We specialize in custom BAS installations that provide unprecedented levels of control and convenience.

Building Management

From your computer to air handling unit, we offer assistance in all technical, physical, and logical building issues.

Building Intelligence

Gain insights into how your building behaves. Utilize building information to maximize performance and savings.


Forward Thinking Hardware

We don't like being constrained by limitations just as much as you do. We are proud to offer an array of controls hardware that leads the industry in power, cost efficiency, and extensibility. Vendor lock-in is a thing of the past.

Software, Meshed

Cross-platform cloud management applications. Wireless control drivers. Visual and intuitive interfaces. We strive to pioneer how your BAS communicates, how you control your building, and how to connect everything you manage without restrictions.

Corporate Clients

School Districts